"In twenty five years I've never used the same move twice. Each attack is an invention, each battle is a new martial art."
―Alexis Von Hades in, "The Shadow Games".
Alexis Von Hades
Alexis Von Hades ID
Full Name Alexis Von Hades
Nickname Von Hades
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation KORPS SKAPULA Shadow Master
Faction KORPS
Enemy M.I.9
First Episode Prison Break
Last Episode The Shadow Games
Portrayed By Jamie Michie (Series 7), Phil McKee (Series 6)

Alexis Von Hades is the current Shadow Master of KORPS SKAPULA.


He was imprisoned years ago. In, "Prison Break", M.I.9 helped him escape in exchange for information. He was an ex-Shadow Master until, "The Shadow Games", where he helped the team rescue Keri Summers from The Shadow Games and reclaimed his position as The Shadow Master.

Even though his aim was to get his job back, he did have a soft spot for the M.I. High team, especially Aneisha Jones and Zoe. After being freed from the Helberg, he remained in contact with M.I.9 as they had heard from him since the events of, "Prison Break" and had the location of his apartment.

Shadow Master of SKAPULA, his sister Hyperia Von Hades was one of the M.I.9 agents killed during the KORPS assault mission over 10 years ago. KORPS believed he was a traitor and they deposed him, and attempted to assasinate him. He then turned to M.I.9 for help and was broken out of prison in Uttland. He later reclaimed his position as Shadow Master of SKAPULA during “The Shadow Games”.


  • It is revealed in, "Prison Break", that KORPS believed that he was a traitor as his sister Hyperia had joined M.I.9. He holds a personal vendetta against Frank London, holding him responsible for Hyperia Von Hades's death when she took part in the final assault on KORPS headquarters 10 years ago.
  • In, "The Shadow Games", his character was recast and Jamie Michie replaced Phil McKee.
  • It is revealed at the end of, "The Shadow Games", that he sent M.I.9 the location of Samantha Stiletto's drop point and that he had planned the whole thing to regain his position at KORPS.
  • It is revealed in, "The Shadow Games", that he tried to take over KORPS.



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