"Steal me some chocolate!" -- Andrea Ivanovic in the "Doppelgängers".

Andrea Ivanovic
Andrea Ivanovic
Full Name Andrea Ivanovic
Nickname Andrea
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White/Blonde
Occupation Scientist
Faction SCAB
Enemy M.I.9
Portrayed By Hermione Gullifond


Andrea Ivanovic was an agent for SCAB (Section for Cybernetics And Bionics). She appeared in, "Doppelgängers".

Andrea Ivanovic was at one point in a relationship with Stark. She and Stark were the only people who knew about Operation Looking Glass that was supposedly shut down. 6 months after Stark shut down Operation Looking Glass, Andrea made cybernetic bioforms based on Rose Gupta, Carrie Stewart, and Oscar Cole; using them to steal M.I.9 files and sell them to get revenge on Stark.


  • She went out with Stark and despite seeking revenge, she still loves him.
  • She loves chocolate.
  • In "Doppelgängers", she was arrested and now resides in M.I.9 prison.


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