Avril Franklin
Avril Franklin
Full Name Avril Franklin
Nickname Avril
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Relationship Oscar Cole (crush)
Occupation Student
School Saint Hopes
Faction M.I.9
Enemy Grand Mistress
First Episode Art Attacks
Last Episode The Lost Hero
Portrayed By Jenny Huxley-Golden


Avril Franklin was a student at Saint Hopes from Series 3-Series 5.

She is a Goth artist who cares about a variety of social issues, such as the environment, animal rights, and human rights. She often criticises anything that could be exploitation, doesn't deal with "real issues" or encourages competition.

Throughout the series she seems to have a large crush on Oscar Cole, which sort of frightens him. She is rather caring though, for example, in the episode, "Agent X", when the school is evacuated, she comes out, anxious because she hasn't seen Oscar exit the school.


Avril became a spy during Series 5. Her position in the team was similar to Carrie Stewart's. In the episode she was kissed by Oscar but unfortunately her memories of that day were erased from her mind: