Avril Franklin
Avril Franklin
Full Name Avril Franklin
Nickname Avril
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Relationship Oscar Cole (crush)
Occupation Student
School Saint Hopes
Faction M.I.9
Enemy Grand Mistress
First Episode Art Attacks
Last Episode The Lost Hero
Portrayed By Jenny Huxley-Golden


Avril Franklin was a student at Saint Hopes from Series 3-Series 5.


She is a Goth artist who cares about a variety of social issues, such as the environment, animal rights, and human rights. She often criticises anything that could be exploitation, doesn't deal with "real issues" or encourages competition.

For example, in "High School Spy Movie", she auditions for Lars Von Tripod's spy movie, but is rather bluntly rejected, Avril doesn't mind, as she felt the movie didn't deal with real issues and leaves.

In "The Visit", she protests Boldovia's involvement in the school's gymnastic contest via cuffing herself to a heater in a classroom, demonstrating it to Scoop and his "homies". Scoop disputes this by saying that if there's no gymnastics, they'd have to do school work. Avril states that it's the price they'd have to pay, which prompts Scoop to lock her cuffs completely and leave. Oscar discovers this by the end and immediately undoes them.

In "Doppelgängers", she criticizes the school's international dress day for stereotyping to Carrie and Rose, stating that individualism is what should be celebrated instead. Oscar, dressed as a Spanish bullfighter, walks in shortly after, and Avril calls him a bull murderer. Oscar seems to agree on not liking the idea as he asks: "Whose stupid idea was this anyway?".

In "Don't Cook Now", she starts a protest over the school cafeteria's menu, chanting "STOP THIS SLOP!" and challenges celebrity chef Tommy Blumenheck to a cook-off that she swiftly wins.

She runs for school president in "Vote SKUL" against Scoop. As the election becomes increasingly heated and tense, Avril goes to the point of promising to end global warming forever if she was elected. Scoop's campaign goes downhill dramatically when Frank shoots him with the positron beam, making him promise more homework, fizzy drink bans, and five minute lunchbreaks. Avril most likely won as a result.

Avril is often described as an emo, but the only connection is the way she dresses, and even then, it is more goth influenced, evidenced by her newly dubbed music genre 'new wave goth electropunk'. She does not share the pessimistic mindset of the stereotypical emo; she believes in peace and justice.

Crush on Oscar

Throughout the series she seems to have a large crush on Oscar Cole, which sort of frightens him. He moves away from her or awkwardly turns down her offers to work with him on various school projects. In Family Trees, she looks into Oscar's family tree instead of her own as she told Mr. Flatley hers was boring; she discovers his birth name of Dixon-Halliday. Later on, she runs into Oscar while he is in the middle of the mission, urging him to come see what she dug up. He begins getting agitated and tells her to drop it, anxious about getting his cover blown.

She is rather caring though, for example, in "Agent X", when the school is evacuated, she comes out, anxious because she hasn't seen Oscar exit the school. Towards Season 4 and 5, Oscar becomes more accepting of her feelings for him. In "The B Team", she senses that Oscar is hiding something. When he gets summoned to the HQ, he quickly excuses himself and takes off, prompting Avril to cry out, "Why won't you let me in?", saddened by the fact he wouldn't let her know why he was hiding and running away. By the end of the episode when she, Scoop Doggy and Davina Berry had been turned into agents to save Oscar and company, she forgives him, and he kisses her on the forehead.

Oscar seems to almost dislike her in Series 3, moving away from her, telling her his fear is of her sitting next to him in every lesson, and taking every chance he can to get her off his case. However, by Series 4, he seems to have warmed up to her, and he is noticeably less awkward, and by Series 5, he may have developed feelings for her too, proven by his glare when she starts talking to one of the three new students in "Day of the Jacket". She becomes extremely jealous of Amber Bayes in "The Wasp" after Amber begins talking to him and showing chemistry. As they talk, Avril mouths what they are saying, pulling faces. When Amber tries to prevent Avril from being stung by the system when she attempts to frantically disable it, Avril, due to the system making her speak more poshly, pushes her away and yells, "You've stolen everything from me, villain! Leave me my passions at least!". She obviously was alluding to Oscar.

Despite the increasingly obvious, not many fans of the show ship the two and very few fanfictions center around them. She is often portrayed in a negative light and an obstacle in the few fanfictions that include her.


Avril, despite her confrontational and competitive personality, isn't exactly disliked within the school. She gets along well with others most of the time. She seems to be friends with Davina and Donovan, especially Davina. Due to her confrontational personality, she frequently finds herself at odds with others, such as Tommy Blumenheck who didn't believe in her vegetarianism idea, and Scoop, who competed against her in the school election and looked rather unpleased when she won the cook off.. However, she usually gets the last laugh via winning.


Musical wise, in "Quakermass", she demos a rather extremely dissonant and atonal drums/piano track to Oscar, dubbing it "New wave goth electropunk". It is unknown whether the song was intentionally bad and it still had some form of artistic merit to it. As the song plays, an earthquake occurs, setting the stage for the episode's plot. Shortly after, she leaves her music player on the desk, leaving it with Oscar who tried to call out to her for it. Oscar, who took it to give it back to her later, then uses the track as a way to make everybody lose their rhythm in the climax of the episode. Donovan Butler later says it was called the worst song of all time, to which Avril says she liked it and it reminded her of her "new wave goth electropunk", even unaware herself that it was her track that was being played. Oscar quips that the track could save the world (which it technically did), but she took his comment as being sarcastic.

In "The Patient", she sings the spiritual Kumbaya with Flatley on ukelele during the "camp", but it drives everybody insane, leading to Scoop getting up and turning on loud rap music to the applause of the rest of the students. However, to date, it is the only other time a character in the series has been depicted singing, along with Rose Gupta in the episode "Eyes On Their Stars".


Avril became a spy for 1 episode during Series 5. Her position in the team was similar to Carrie Stewart's. In the episode she was kissed by Oscar but unfortunately her memories of that day were erased from her mind:


  • In "Vote SKUL", she is presumed to have won the school president election.
  • In "Art Attacks", she won the art competition judged by Kranky with a picture of Oscar Cole.
  • In "Agent X", if one looks closely at her blog, her favorite bands include: Fiend Friend, DarkMinister, The Night Chix, and BoYoYo. These bands are fictional, however.
  • In "The Patient" she gave Carrie Stewart her worry beads.
  • She has a very different appearance in each season she appears in, much like Davina. She wears a purple jacket with purple-highlighted hair in Season 3, alters this appearance in Season 4, and goes completely black in Season 5.
  • She is the only character from the original run who has been referenced in the 2013-2014 seasons; the flyer for her chili contest in "Day of the Jacket" is seen in Flatley's office in "Grosse Encounters".