Black Hole
Series 04, Episode 09
The team - black hole
Airdate February 15, 2010
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Black Hole is episode 9 of Series 4.


Terry Zucker has invented the best vacuum cleaner in the world, just turn it on and cleans up all by itself. Every household in the United Kingdom has one, including the prime minister's and Saint Hopes.

Kenneth Flatley has won a holiday, but Hermione King will not allow him to abandon his teaching duties. She also needs him on hand to help clear up Saint Hopes. Mr Flatley has other ideas, he is going on this trip no matter what Mrs King says. He enlists his identical twin brother, Dave, to come and pretend to be him. Dave may look like Kenneth, but he's a very different fish. He is cocky, lazy and isn't afraid to put Mrs King in her place, which she finds very attractive indeed, much to Dave's annoyance.

Not only is the school filthy, but HQ is also covered in dirt and the elevators are malfunctioning. Frank London has not cleaned in months. Carrie Stewart brings down a Zucker. Frank is annoyed that Carrie has brought an unauthorized object into HQ, but agrees to allow it to clean the room. Little do they know that the Zucker is recording everything it sees and transmitting it back to its owner Terry Zucker.

The spies are given a mission, the prime minister has been robbed! A golden statue, which he was due to give as a present to the Governor of Mumbai at an official presentation, has been stolen. The team uncover the culprit, Mr Zucker. In the struggle to capture him they suddenly start to get dragged in the same direction. They are being sucked towards Terry's latest creation. Terry reveals that his new vacuum, the Mega Zucker, has accidentally switched on and it has created a black hole. Will the spies manage to disable the machine before the whole world implodes?