Bodleian is a computer with all the knowledge of all the books ever published. His best friend is Rose Gupta and they get along very well. He appeared in "Ghosts" and was nearly kidnapped by Theo Phantom. Rose was devastated when he blew up but it was later revealed that he had entered Rose's brain, writing messages around Saint Hopes for Rose to discover.


  • He called Rose "My friend Rose" suggesting he felt deeply about her.
  • After he had written the message, Rose woke up in a different place from were she fell asleep, leaving her and Frank London confused.
  • Carrie later apologized to him and Rose for just refering to him as a computer, not a real person, which offended Rose, though nobody knows if it offended Bodleian.
  • At the near end he was reunited with Crime, the evil red figure Oscar kept noticing.
  • He and Rose argued if Boleian could create a toaster in which Rose said "But it would have to be a silicon chip driven toaster!" and Bodlien replied "Yes, Rose you are right".