"Purity is Liberty."
―Cartania's national motto; "Revenge is Sweet".


Cartania is a European country located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Cartania promotes purity and exports the world's purest and finest sugar. The country is run by a president democratically elected by the people.


Cupodium Crisis

The British government passed a law permitting the use of sugar substitute cupodium in food. At around the same time, government food adviser George Monoblot made a stand against the use of cupodium and lost his job. Angered by the government's decision, he broke into the cupodium laboratory, changed the formula to the more dangerous Cupodium XXX, and stole the only antidote. He was granted political asylum in the Cartanian embassy in London by President Carlotta during her secret visit to Britain and devised a plan with her to ban the use of cupodium in food. Carlotta supported this as the use of cupodium was crippling the Cartanian economy and forcing people back to using sugar was the easiest way to fix it. However, what Monoblot did not realise was that Carlotta had been mixing cupodium with Cartanian sugar to make it last. Keri snuck into the embassy and showed Carlotta's true intentions to Monoblot, meanwhile, she had Tom send the evidence to the Cartanian government, resulting in her people deposing her. The team succeeded in distributing the antidote to everyone by exploding the vial in the clouds, diluting the antidote and having it rain down on everyone affected. ("Revenge is Sweet")


  • Carlotta: ex-president of Cartania


  • The headline of the Cartanian newspaper article deposing Carlotta was written in Spanish. This suggests that Cartania is located somewhere in real-life Spain with Spanish as their national language. Another option is that it is located in a part of North or South America that was part of the Spanish Empire.



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