A communicator is a gadget used by M.I. High agents to communicate with each other while on missions. Only on a few occasions is the signal between communicators is disrupted or the agents are not responding to their communicators. 

For M.I. High agents, their communicators are disguised as pencils so that they can be used in school. When the mentor of the M.I. High team calls the agents, the erasers on the pencils will flash and the agents immediately head to HQs. The erasers can also flash when the agents communicate with each other. When communicating with each other, the agents simply hold their communicators with the eraser near their ear.

In "The Problem Probe" in Series 7, Aneisha Jones is shown to grab Tom Tupper's pencil and pressed the rubber and Aneisha Jones spoke through. This meant that tapping on the rubber was a way to communicate.


  • Lenny Bicknall and Frank London have a broom which has a button to give a signal to the agent's communicators so that they know when to head down to HQ.
  • Frank's communicator is sometimes seen as a cellphone or a screw driver.
  • In "Spy Animals", Rose Gupta told Daisy Millar how to re-wire her communicator and create a temporary shield.
  • In "The Mayze", Aneisha Jones's communicator is taken by Kenneth Flatley, who thinks its an ordinary pencil. It isn't shown whether Aneisha got it back.
  • In "Spy Plane" Mr Flatley took Daisy's pencil and heard Lenny trying to contact Daisy. Since he had been reading "Screams Of The Dead" he believed Lenny was a voice trying to haunt him.