Day of the Jacket
Series 05, Episode 12
Airdate 21 March 2011
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Day of the Jacket is episode 12 of Series 5.


Dr. Carla Baxter is kidnapped from outside the scientific facility where she works, and her latest invention; a "camoguise" jacket that allows the wearer to imitate someone else; is stolen with her. The kidnapper is Ivan Orfalkold, a Grojzvenian assassin who has already broken into M.I.9 HQ and is now headed for the Saint Hopes' M.I.9 base disguised as a school pupil. While he is wearing the camoguise jacket, the team know it will be hard to identify him.

On the same day, three new pupils start at Saint Hopes. The team are sure that this cannot be a coincidence and one of them must be Orfalkold in disguise. However, their mission becomes even more difficult when Mrs King decides that Saint Hopes' pupils must now wear full school uniform at all times - how will they tell whose blazer is actually the camoguise jacket?

As the team split up and follow the three new pupils around, each of them becomes convinced that the one they are following is Orfalkold. They realise that the only way to solve the mystery is to find a way to make Orfalkold take his blazer off, and Avril's latest project, a chilli-eating competition, seems to provide the perfect opportunity. The team manage to talk the new pupils into competing, and wait to see who can handle the heat!

With HQ in increasing danger of being breached, can the team unmask the real enemy agent before it's too late?