Fit to Wurst
Series 03, Episode 06
Airdate 9 February 2009
Previous Dark Star
Next The New Grand Master

Fit to Wurst is episode 6 of Series 3.


Jed Black, M.I.9 Head of Training, has come to Saint Hopes. His aim is to get the team fit, really fit. While the teams are doing thousands of press-ups in the gym, something rather sinister is going on in the school. Food vendor, Luvabitz, is handing out free, greasy, delicious "wursts". The students of Saint Hopes and Frank London are addicted. They can't get enough of them and as a result are getting fatter and fatter.

Back in the gym, the team have been tied up and Jed has set them the task of breaking free within 1 hour. Once they untangle themselves, they quickly realise that this was a ploy to ensnare them! Jed is not who he seems. Something is going on and they can't get hold of Frank.


  • An artifical food is central to the storyline.
  • The title is a play of words on "fit to worst".
  • Johnny Freeman, the actor who portrays Frank, said that this was his favourite episode.