Forever Young
Series 01, Episode 08
Forever young
Airdate 19 February 2007
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Forever Young is episode 8 of Series 1.


When an ageing beautician unleashes a youth potion, Saint Hopes becomes a school for troublesome toddlers.

In her quest for beauty, Vanessa Zeitgeist creates Formula-66. But instead of renewing looks, it regresses the mind. The Grand Master is overjoyed, with the police unable to function, nothing can stop SKUL. Daisy Millar goes undercover to retrieve the formula from her but Vanessa senses something is suspicious and straps Daisy to the beauty chair. Can Daisy convince Vanessa that beauty is skin deep?


  • Zeitgeist translates to "spirit of the time".
  • Shangri-La is a reference to "Lost Horizon".
  • This episode marks the second appearance of a main character's family (Mr Gupta - Rose Gupta's father).
  • Goof: in this episode, Rose's dad said that Rose's lowest grade was an "A+", but in "Super Blane", Rose said she got an "A-".