Free Runner
Series 07, Episode 08
Free Runner
Airdate 3 March 2014
Previous Return of the Dark Wizard
Next The League of Mata Hari

Free Runner is episode 8 of Series 7.


Dan Morgan infiltrates a Guardian Angels style parkour group of vigilantes who are suspected of committing untraceable crimes. Dan is drawn to the world of the Guardian Runners, but when he's faced with the reality of who his heroes really are, Dan is forced to choose.

Stella Knight arrives to conduct a M.I.9 annual assessment at Saint Hearts to see how the M.I.9 team behaves "above ground".





M.I. High - Episode 8 - Sneak Peek - Free Runners

MI High - Series 7 - Episode 8 - Free Runner-128:18

MI High - Series 7 - Episode 8 - Free Runner-1


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