"I've read about them, they sound exactly like the kind of people we should be fighting."
Zoe to Frank London; "Inheritance".


Garrland is a European country located in the eastern Scandinavian Peninsula, bordering Finland. The country is currently ruled by King Emperor Alexander, whose family has ruled over Garrland with an iron fist since the Middle Ages.


Early History

Sometime during the Middle Ages, the ancestors of current King Emperor Alexander gained power over what is now Garrland. They ruled with great oppression and power over their subjects for centuries. ("Inheritance")

Modern History

After centuries of dynastic rule, the regime that rules over Garrland has changed little. The country faces continual threats from a rising military group known as the Democratic Revolutionary Army of Garrland (DRAG) who seek to abolish the oppressive monarchy and install a democratic government. ("Inheritance")

Grand Duke Nicholas, the only son and heir of Emperor Alexander, travels to Britain. Whilst there, he is forced by Stella to accept M.I.9 protection on the grounds of recent kidnap threats made by the DRAG. Twice during his visit, his bodyguard Timosz attempts to kidnap him but is eventually arrested by by the team. The team later discover that the Grand Duke ordered Timosz to pretend to kidnap him in order to get some attention from his father. Both he and Timosz later return to Garrland. ("Inheritance")


  • Alexander the Cruel: King Emperor of Garrland
  • Nicholas: Grand Duke of Garrland
  • Timoz: Bodyguard of Grand Duke Nicholas


  • Grand Duke Nicholas tells Stella that his family is descended from the "nastier brother" of Ivan the Terrible, the real-life Tsar of Russia from 1547-1584.
  • As shown on a map, Garrland is located in real-life south-western Finland. It occupies most, to all the territory in the Finnish regions of Satakunta, Pirkanmaa, Southwest Finland, Tavastia Proper, Uusimaa, Päijänne Tavastia and Kymenlaakso. ("Inheritance")



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