The others 2

Helen Templeman investigating in "The Others".

Helen Templeman was Deputy Headmistress at Saint Hopes. She appears as a series regular from Series 1-Series 2 (a total of 23 episodes). She is portrayed by Jane Cameron.


She is a young, sensitive, ambitious teacher and has a massive crush on Lenny Bicknall, as revealed in "Spy Animals" when she got hit with a dart containing truth serum. She disappears after Series 2 and is replaced by Hermione King.


She has no idea about M.I.9; however, she repeatedly came close to/or inconvenienced M.I.9:

  • In the episode, "Face Off", she nearly discovered Lenny Bicknall being taken away by M.I.9 causing Rose Gupta to have to make up a cover story about lazy bin men.
  • In the episode, "Spy Plane", she gave away that Sajid Al Flatley (Blane Whittaker) was at Saint Hopes.
  • In the episode, "The Others", she was told flying mice had infested the school when she came close to uncovering the spy training test.


  • She was one of the very people not to catch the flu epidemic in "The Cold War".
  • According to the nano nits, she has a weak mind. ("Nano Nits")
  • Kenneth Flatley has a little crush on her.
  • Mechanics is one of her hobbies.
  • In "The Big Bling" it was revealed she has a huge celebrity crush on footballer Ben Lacey.


You can call me al

Helen Templeman and Kenneth Flatley talking in "You Can Call Me Al".

Fit up

"Fit Up".

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