Horatio Stark
Stark the b team
Full Name Horatio Stark
Nickname Stark
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Relationship Andrea Ivanovic
Occupation Chief Agent Officer of M.I.9
Faction M.I.9
Enemy SKUL
First Episode Run, Carrie, Run!
Last Episode The Lost Hero
Portrayed By Jonathon Rhodes

Horatio Stark was Chief Agent Officer of M.I.9, despite his stupidity. He appears in 16 episodes throughout Series 4 and Series 5.


He showed some concern in, "The Octopus", for their safety, not just because they weren't fulfilling the mission properly. Whenever the MI High kids are involved, they usually out manuveur him, which adds to his hatred of them. He doesn't get along that well with Carrie as she has an attitude and answers back. 


Stark is first shown as an incompetent agent, but, due to him being of a very high rank, the show made him slightly more useful, he had a long run of bad luck but had some successful missions which he is proud of.


He is a fairly stupid agent who is head of most operations at M.I.9. It is shown in "Run, Carrie, Run!" he is completely useless under pressure. He disapproves of Frank London and his M.I. High team. He makes several mistakes in his career, the biggest being he trusted Oscar's mother, Jade Dixon Halliday, who turned out to be a double agent.



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