Hyperia Von Hades
Hyperia Von Hades-1
Full Name Hyperia Von Hades
Nickname Hyperia
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Occupation M.I.9 agent, KORPS agent (formerly)
Faction M.I.9
First Episode One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage
Portrayed By Louise Stewart

Hyperia Von Hades was the sister of Shadow Master Alexis Von Hades.


She worked for M.I.9 10 years ago with Frank London and Stella Knight but was killed in the final assault on KORPS. Due to this Alexis, who blames Frank for her death, vowed to kill him but has actually been a help to his team. She is seen in "One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage" during Frank's nightmare/flashback of the assault.


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