Series 06, Episode 12
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Inheritance is episode 12 of Series 6.


Briefed to protect Grand Duke Nicholas, the heir to the throne of a European state who has had kidnap threats made against him, the team hide him in Saint Hearts, where the arrogant prince must learn to behave as a commoner with hilarious consequences. His own worst enemy, can the team protect this spoilt royal who refuses to submit to authority? During this episode, Zoe is still shaken by the fact that she may be the daughter of the Mastermind. She uses her DNA and finds she has a sister, who has tampered genes. She's dangerous, and can't become an M.I.9 agent. Kidnapping the heir and demanding 10 million pounds, she realises that Kloe (Zoe's new sister) is too unstable. Frank tracks Zoe's DNA all around the world, and see's there are many matches. Too many.


  • In "Inheritance" it is revealed that Zoe was the "golden girl" at SKUL. Something that inspired hatred and jealousy in Kloe.



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