Keri Summers
The Mayze Still 4
Full Name Keri Summers, J.4.5.K.3.R.1
Nickname Keri, K.3.R.1
Gender Female
Age 16
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Relationship Dan Morgan
Skills Quick learning ability
Occupation M.I.9 Spy, Student
School Saint Hearts
Faction M.I.9
First Episode The Mayze
Last Episode The Last Stand
Portrayed By Julia Brown

Keri Summers is part of the M.I. High spy team in Series 7, replacing her sister/clone Zoe.


Clone of the Mastermind, given special treatment by KORPS to make her a successful clone, lived in KORPS base The Mayze on the STERNUM level, thrown out as it was believed that she was a failed clone, adopted by a normal family, rescued from KORPS agents by Dan, Aneisha and Tom, helped them find The Mayze, later recruited by M.I.9 during “The Mayze” as Zoe's replacement.

Keri Summers is one of the many clones of the Mastermind. She joins MI High in Series 7. Keri is a clone of The Mastermind originally named J.4.5.K.3.R.1, and is effectively Zoe's "sister". She becomes an agent in the first episode of Series 7 and replaces Zoe. KORPS exiled her believing her as a failure. She, along with another clone, J.6.3.L.1.B.1 (Libi) received the treatment. Libi was found working for KORPS as a scientist, not knowing about her true purpose. She was later placed with a foster family by M.I.9.

Dan didn't get along with Keri at first and had made it clear. Keri and Zoe do have some similar charcteristics mainly in there apperances but Keri is more different to zoe in other ways. She is a big drama queen and very girly. She tends to film everything and she has a close best friend whom she shares everything to and it looks like she is quite popular as well. She's very confident and able to handle some situations very well. She also has an ability to learn very quickly which made her qualify for the team.

Dan after every episode started to warm up to keri and after a few episodes became close and good friends with her.

In "The Mayze" Tom was having an advantage that Aneisha didn't have her communicator so, he did not get told off when he was making fun of Dan saying that he fancied Keri making him angry. Aneisha and Keri eventually found this out when Dan shouted " I don't fancy her" into the communicator.

After that Keri and Dan were normally paired in missions by Frank.Keri was captured twice in one (The Shadow Games) she wanted to prove herself to the team so she just went along with the kidnapper. The team then realised she was gone after at least 5s after the actual kidnapping and made there way to save her. She won the games however she did not know the consequences of winning and so an old friend of the team came in to fight against her they both faked the actual fight and Keri faked her own death making her lose. When the show was over Keri was still lying on the the floor "Dead". The team all gathered round full of sorrow thinking she actually died. Which was heart warming as they showed how much they care about her.

The other time was in her last apperance (The Last Stand) Where she swapped minds with the master mind. She gave her self up for the team to finally find where Korps HQ is and stop the Master Mind and Evelyn Baxters plan, unfortunately the seerum injected into keri to stop the mind swap was oblitterated by nanobots. Dan on the dot as soon as Frank, Aneisha, and Stella left went to go save Keri even if it meant disobeying orders. After going into the heart to expose the criministers plan and the tasering of the master mind in keris body and the actual Keri killed by explosions. But let me just say Keri has a way of always avoiding death, she managed to power the transplant just before the explosion so she was back in her body. When she had come out Dan and her had shared a hug and Tom. The two had become good friends.


  • Keri is one of the clones created by The Mastermind. The code on her arm is J.4.5.K.3.R.1
  • She has a habit of filming everything or taking photos.
  • In the episode, "The Mayze", Keri makes her first appearance; and starts working at M.I. High and attending Saint Hearts.
  • She can learn super quickly, as seen in "The Mayze" and "The Shadow Games", and on her character page in the intro.
  • Her known relatives are the Mastermind, Libi, Zoe, and Kloe.
  • In the episode, "The Mayze", it is revealed she was brought up in Sternum labs with Libi before being placed with a foster family.
  • She also seems to get lost in her own thoughts sometimes but when her sister was in danger, she wouldn't give up.
  • In "Frankenstein", she revealed that her adoptive father is into history.
  • In the episode "The Shadow Games", she reveals that she is good at acting.
  • In the episode "The Shadow Games", she is mistaken for Samantha Stiletto, an assassin.
  • In "The Mayze", Keri does not have a clue that she is created by the Mastermind or she has 80 sisters hidden around the world.
  • On multiple occasions, both Stella Knight and Dan Morgan have doubted if Keri is worthy of being a spy.
  • She doesn't know much about her other sisters such as Zoe and Kloe.
  • In the episode, "The Mayze", When Keri asked Frank London if the M.I.9 uniforms came in red, she could potentially been referencing the KORPS uniform, which she is seen wearing, when about to have the mind transfer occur, in "The Last Stand".


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