Letitia M.I. High
Full Name Letitia
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Relationship Daisy Millar (friend), Zara (friend)
Occupation Student
School Saint Hopes
Enemy SKUL
Status Single
First Episode It's a Kind of Magic
Last Episode Asteroid Attack
Portrayed By Princess Webb


Letitia is a student at Saint Hopes. She is great friends with Zara and Daisy Millar and she cares passionately about fashion and enjoys teasing other students about their taste in fashion or the way they act everyday. Even though the three are friends, they can often tease each other themselves. Her character is brought into the show in Series 2 and replaces Kaleigh.

"Fit Up"

Letitia has a slightly larger role in "Fit Up". During the beginning of the Sports Day at Saint Hopes, she is chosen by Kenneth Flatley to demonstrate how to do the high jump event, where Zara teases her for not being able to jump higher than 20cm. A few moments during the day Blane shows Letitia comfort and encouragement, telling her that fitness is not just about sport. 

At the end of the day, where the sports events are taking place, Letitia is about to do the high jump. However, she stops before jumping over the bar and has a small tantrum about hating Sports Day. In her tantrum she takes a discus and throws it from the field all the way to the staffroom window, which Mr. Flatley and Helen Templeman believe is at least 50 metre and better than the current British record. 

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