Face off

Lewis arguing with his uncle in "Face Off".

Lewis Chuckworth is a character who appeared in episodes; "Face Off" and "The Others". He is portrayed by Tommy Bastow.

Face Off

During this episode, Lewis Chuckworth committed crimes such as stealing jewelry, expensive vases and The Mona Lisa (although he accidentally stole a fake version) for his uncle, Charlie Chuckworth. Although Lewis didn't want to commit the crimes, his uncle forced him to. In the end he was put into M.I.9 prison.

The Others

After the events of "Face Off", Lewis (and two other child criminals) were released from prison and his criminal record is deleted, so that he can become part of another M.I. High team; his role in his team is similar to Daisy's - social chameleon and master of disguise. During the episode he partners up with Daisy for the M.I.9 test and to defeat James Blond. At the end of the episode he is seen wearing a similar uniform to Saint Hopes but in green, suggesting his team will continue at a different base at a different school.


Lewis Chuckworth

Lewis in "Face Off"

The others

Lewis in "The Others".

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