Full Name J.6.3.L.1.B.1
Nickname L.1.B.1, Libi
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Faction M.I.9, KORPS (former)
First Episode The Mayze
Portrayed By Isla Cowan

Libi is one of the Mastermind's clones featured in "The Mayze".


Not much is known about her, except that she used to live with Keri when she was younger. She is very afraid of KORPS and had difficulties disobeying them by leaving their base, the Mayze. She had to be dragged by Dan and Aneisha. Libi ended up being comforted by Keri, which kept her quiet for a while. When Keri defeated the Scientist General, Libi then took Keri's hand.

Clone of the Mastermind, given special treatment by KORPS to make her a successful clone, lived and worked in KORPS base The Mayze on the STERNUM level, continued working for KORPS after Keri was thrown out, not knowing her true purpose until she was taken from the base by M.I.9 and adopted out under an M.I.9 protection program to hide her from KORPS.


  • In the episode, "The Mayze", she was admitted into M.I.9's protection program and was placed in a foster home.


  • Libi is one of the clones created by the Mastermind. The code on her arm is J.6.3.L.1.B.1.
  • Her known relatives are; The Mastermind, Keri , Zoe and Kloe.
  • In the episode, "The Mayze", her record was wiped from all KORPS and M.I.9 data bases by Frank for protection.
  • It is revealed in "The Mayze" that she used to stroke Keri's hair when she was scared.
  • She grew up in the STERNUM labs.