Linus Currie
Dr Currie
Full Name Linus Currie
Nickname Dr Currie
Gender Male
Occupation STERNUM Scientist General
Faction KORPS
Enemy M.I.9
First Episode The Mayze
Last Episode The Beginning
Portrayed By Johnny Austin

Linus Currie is KORPS current Scientist General for STERNUM. He has currently appeared in, "The Mayze", and will appear in, "The Beginning".


He is very scared of the Crime Minister, however is very strict and dominant over his department of KORPS (STERNUM). He was first seen in, "The Mayze" which ended in him being locked in the Mayze by Keri. Since then, he was found and has resumed his work as KORPS' Scientist General.

Replaced Steinberg as Scientist General of STERNUM, saved The Mastermind after the events of “The Final Endgame”. Tasked with securing the last 2 successful Clone of the Mastermind. Trapped by M.I.9 in The Mayze, an old KORPS base during “The Mayze”. He somehow escaped and appeared in “The Beginning”.




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