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Melissa in "Grosse Encounters".


Melissa is the student president of Saint Hearts. She is shown as a teacher's pet. She also seems to have an obsessive crush on Dan Morgan, and seems oblivious to the fact that he prefers Zoe. It is very obvious that Melissa fancies Dan and there are only a couple of episodes that show this but they are very obvious examples. Episodes include: "The Germinator" and "The Dark Wizard".

Melissa Albright is referred as a maniac because she goes to all of the 23 clubs, including the chess club, the choir, the brass band, the drama group, and many more. Zoe joins many of the clubs at Saint Hearts because of Melissa.


MI High Series 6 - Episode 5.22

"Mission: Incredible".

MI High Series 6 - Episode 8.43

"The Germinator".

MI High Series 6 - Episode 6.9

"The Hive".

MI High Series 6 - Episode 8.42

"The Germinator".

MI High Series 6 - Episode 10.37

"One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage".

MI High Series 6 - Episode 11.8

"Prison Break".

MI High Series 6 - Episode 11.22

"Prison Break".

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