Paloma Duvere
Tim brown
Full Name Paloma Duvere
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Occupation Headmistress of SKUL academy
Faction SKUL
Enemy M.I.9
First Episode Tim Brown's SKUL Days
Last Episode Tim Brown's SKUL Days
Portrayed By Josephine Butler

Paloma Duvere was the Headmistress of SKUL Academy.


When Oscar Cole went undercover inside SKUL Academy as Tim Brown, Paloma went over and asked for I.D and why he thinks he has what it takes to be a SKUL agent. Paloma teaches all the classes and is constantly impressed by Oscar's skills. Later she drops a top secret file that Oscar picks up, Paloma allows him to look inside and he tells her that the plan won't work then tells her how to fix it. Paloma announces that Tim Brown (Oscar) is the pupil who has been selected for Operation Z12 and she takes him to meet the Grand Master. After which it is revealed that she knew all along that Tim Brown was Oscar in disguise. 


  • It is assumed she was arrested after M.I.9 shut down SKUL Academy. 

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