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Spy Skills is the third, and last, M.I. High game. It was released on the CBBC website during Series 6 and is currently still active. As of January 2014, this game is the only M.I. High game left.


For the 2013 relaunch of M.I.High, a new game was launched to tie in with the new series. The objective is to complete missions in different areas of intelligence. Unlike the two previous games, Spy Skills is a series of mini-games that do not relate to each episode.

The Game

When playing the game, each player is first entered into the spy base; once there the players can choose which character and game they want to play.

Dan's game is 'Codename: Scramble', the aim of his mini-game is to complete missions scaling walls of buildings to escape KORPS agents.

Aneisha's game is 'Undercover Ops', the aim of her mini-game is to use the CAT device to collect items needed to infiltrate KORPS.

Tom's game is 'Intel. Interception', the aim of his mini-game is to use a radial data scanner to decode messages being transmitted by KORPS.

Zoe's game is 'Surveillance Set-Up', the aim of her mini-game is to plant tracking devices near KORPS.

The game was not updated for Series 7, so Keri Summers is not part of it.

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