Stewart Critchley
Stewart Critchley
Full Name Stewart Critchley
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Relationship Blane Whittaker (best friend)
Occupation Student
School Saint Hopes
Enemy SKUL
First Episode The Sinister Prime Minister
Last Episode Asteroid Attack


Stewart Critchley is a character from the kid's TV series, M.I. High. He appears in Series 1- Series 2.

Blane Whittaker is his best friend and side-kick and he believes in UFOs and the supernatural. His favourite TV programme is Star Trek and he also runs the school radio club. Stewart knows nothing about Blane being a spy but Blane has been close to telling him a few times. However, Stewart gets suspicious when Blane keeps disappearing all the time.

Stewart has feelings for Daisy Millar, but indicates he likes Rose Gupta Stewart has earned his Green Blue Peter Badge and can be seen wearing it on his coat and school uniform.