The Dark Wizard
Series 06, Episode 09
The Dark Wizard
Airdate 11 February 2013
Previous The Germinator
Next One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage

The Dark Wizard is episode 9 of Series 6.


A number of top secret scientific components have been stolen in recent weeks by a thief dressed as a character from a best selling series of fantasy novels. The investigation sees the team infiltrate a Saint Hearts Blade Quest convention only to discover the threat is far greater than they anticipated, someone wants to bring about the apocalyptic world of the fantasy novels, turning fantasy into reality. But can Dan, Mr. Practical, put his faith in the power of the imagination in order to defeat The Dark Wizard?


  • This episode is a parody of the magick novel series.
    • People who treat the series as real life.
    • The conventions.
    • The fans who get details wrong because of the in-universe story length.
    • The long series (book 30) and the spin-offs.
  • The gravity machine is similiar to the gravity engine used in the web series "The Mercury Men".
  • The author chose Saint Hearts because of the M.I.9 base.



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