The Fugitive
Series 01, Episode 10
Airdate 15 January 2007
Previous Red Button Rampage
Next It's a Kind of Magic

The Fugitive is episode 10 of Series 1.


When a UFO crashes nearby, the spies are tasked with securing the site for aviation agency, AirOne. Headed by Lenny's friend Carla Terrini.

Lenny's loyalties are torn when he's forced to deceive the team, but the team discover the craft has a human pilot and Lenny's lies unravel. Daisy can't come to terms with Lenny's betrayal. Will she find out what Lenny's up to, or will the team become fugitives themselves?


  • This episode is the last in the series.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Kaleigh.
  • Fifty Pence did not appear in this episode.
  • Carla is played by Rebecca Palmer who also plays Stella Knight in series 6 - 7.



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