The Patient
Series 05, Episode 06
The patient
Airdate 7 February 2011
Previous The Gran Master
Next The Crystal of St Helena

The Patient is episode 6 of Series 5.


Ex-SKUL conman Troy Greek is due to hand over some intel to M.I.9, but before M.I.9 can reach him, SKUL discover the plan and inject Greek with a deadly poison. Greek is now in a coma, awaiting the arrival of a vaccine and being kept alive by a machine.

When M.I.9 discover that a team of SKUL ninjas are out looking for Greek, they send him to the Saint Hopes' base to ensure his protection. Frank London agrees, thinking that the school will be empty as the kids are due to be away on a camping trip. Unfortunately, having failed to raise enough money to hire a coach Kenneth Flatley decides to relocate the camping trip, to the Saint Hopes gym. The spies reassure Frank that all will be okay - after all, the ninjas don't even know where the patient is hidden.

Carrie, exhausted and a little spooked from reading the latest Pookie Plummer ghost horror novel, is initially unimpressed by Mr Flatley's attempts to recreate the great outdoors in Saint Hopes. However, when the lights go out and the ghost stories begin, Carrie soon finds herself feeling unnerved, and a run-in with the legendary Grey Lady of Saint Hopes pushes her over the edge. Terrified, Carrie tells Rose and Oscar about her ghost encounter, but the team soon realize that the Grey Lady is in fact one of the SKUL ninjas!

Realising that the ninjas are a threat not only to the patient but also to their classmates, the spies know they have to stop them. With Carrie feeling increasingly weighed down by her fears, can she battle her demons and prevent the ninjas from reaching the patient - and is the patient really all he seems?


  • Troy Greek is a reference to the Trojan War and the Trojan Horse.
  • Pookie Plummer is referenced in "The Hive".



The kids telling ghost stories.


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