Think Tank
Series 03, Episode 08
Think Tank
Airdate 23 February 2009
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Think Tank is episode 8 of Series 3.


Rose Gupta has been chosen to leave M.I. High and join those whose brains are being put through their paces at the National Academy of Brilliance. It's a rare opportunity, but naturally Rose is devastated at having to leave Saint Hopes.

Meanwhile, Frank sends Oscar and Carrie on a mission; Dr Vince is a genius inventor whose inventions surpass any that M.I.9 have, and this poses a threat to national security as Dr Vince is willing to sell his inventions to anyone with enough money

At her new school, Rose discovers that everyone there is dumb! Something is not right. Carrie and Oscar investigate Dr Vince's lab to find nothing. How can the world's greatest inventor have an empty lab with just a few tubs of hand cream?


  • We learn that Spanish is not one of the 14 languages that Oscar Cole knows.