Tom Tupper

Tom is the technical genius of the group; often creating gadgets to help out the team and hacking into various mainframes to stop KORPS. He was spotted when he hacked into NASA and reprogrammed the Mars rover to

Tom tupper


write Tom on the face of Mars. Tom, Added by Dictionary53

Often calling himself the boy genius, Tom seems to have a very sarcastic sense of humor. He sent Roly a message from 'Aneisha ' saying I Love You in Aniesha's voice, which surprise surprise Aneisha doesn't find very funny.

Tom is sometime jealous of Dan because he gets all the girls. Tom gets really sad in episode 8: the germinator because Dan makes a volcano for his science project and tom makes a pair of germ specs, wich lets you see every germ in the room. surprisingly all the teachers and girls are more drawns to dan’s project instead of toms. luckily zoe was there for tom when he needed a friend and she helped him get through this tough time. when zoe asked him do girls ever talk to you? he replied and said "im nothing like dan so no" this made zoe feel realy bad for tom and stayed with him all the time he needed her. This ment zoe was spending more time with tom than dan and this made dan mad.


Dan-to tom Dan is what he wants to be because Dan gets all the girls and attention mainly for zoe. Despite their differences they are best friends and always look out for each other.

Anisha-tom and anisha have lots of reasons why they find each other annoying sometimes. one of them was because tom left a voice mail on rlys phone saying i love you in anishas voice , this made anisha say" im going to dedicate the rest of my life for getting you back !" Zoe-tom and zoe are very good friends. Whenever zoe is down tom always trys to make her better and when tom feels left out zoe always trys to include him somehow. in episode 8 : germinator zoe spent alot of time with tom trying to get his mood up because he never gets any of the girls. this made Dan a bit jealous because zoe was spending more time with tom than him.

frank-frank is toms mentor in mi9 and tom looks up to him very much. This is because tom sp
ends a lot of time down in the base on coms with frank, this makes him close to frank.
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