Z.0.E and Dan

Dan and Zoe

When Zoe first joined M.I High, Dan made it obvious that he didn't trust her. However as the series progressed, it became clear they were good friends, and there were also parts that showed they were a lot more than that. In various episod'es Zoe is called Dan's girlfriend. In the Dark Wizard, Dan shows he is prepared to risk his life for her, by telling the enemy "Get your hands off her !" Dan soon saw Zoe on the ground in pain and ran over and helped her up , followed by a romantic hug.

In the last part of Episode 4 of Series 6, The Face of Revenge, Dan asks Zoe if she wanted to go with him to Calvin Lame's concert which she said yes to. When Dan went to get the concert tickets, Tom turns to Zoe and says ' I thought he was never gonna ask you out on a date.' To which Zoe replies ' A date?' It would be a shame for these two lovers to not admit their feeling to everyone and themselves.

In episode 5 mission:increadable, Dan and Zoe are given a scene from Romeo and Juliet and are asked to perform it in front of their friends and some boldoveans. Before they did this scene Dan asked Zoe, "Are you nervous?" and Zoe replied "About the mission?" then Dan said "No about our scene tonight?" then Zoe replied "Why would I be?" Dan then quickly said "Well its Romeo and Juliet, and we have got to kiss in front of all those people".

Unfortunetly for us Janace (KORPS agent) rang the fire alarm and stopped their scene of Romeo and Juliette from carrying on.Hopefully during the next few episode they will share a kiss and anounce they like each other.

Jellous Aneisha!

The team in field

Dan and Aneisha shocked at Zoe beating an army of KORPS agents single-handedly by herself!


Dan and Zoe in HQ and in the field

Zoe and Dan

Dan and Zoe

Scene 45

The dark wizard

Scene 46

The Dark Wizard.

Dan and Zoe

Dan asking Zoe out to a concert together

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