Whack The Mole! was the first M.I. High game, released on the CBBC website whilst Series 2 aired. As of January 2014, the game has been removed.


Starting at the beginning of Series 2, the CBBC website released a new interactive game where players could participate in weekly missions. The missions were tied in with events occurring on the show each week, but the game included video clips that summarised each episode which made it possible for people outside of the broadcast area to play the game as well.

The Game

The plot of the game centered around the fictional Saint Hopes school which was the basis of the television programme. There was a mole - refered to as 'The Mole' - amongst the students, and it was the job of the player to try to figure out who the rogue agent was.

At the successful end of each mission, the list of suspects was narrowed down automatically through the process of elimination by using numerous clues that would be discovered about The Mole's identity (e.g. one clue was that The Mole wore a specific kind of voice-changer that would be placed over one's teeth, people with braces can't wear the voice-changer, therefore all suspects that have braces are eliminated).

The user interface included the Digital Operations Research Assistant (D.O.R.A), which guided players to manipulate various technological tools including a geographic locator and an audio analyzer. Players were given instructions about how to use each of the tools in order to successfully pass the missions.

When a player completed the game, they would discover that The Mole was Suspect Number 9: Panda Strobel and that her secret lair was located in the basement of the abandoned Battersea Power Station situated on the south bank of the River Thames.